How To Make Money Online 2021 Earn upto ₱25,000 in 2 Weeks Homebased Call Center

so hello guys. I'm Jhazel de Vera and welcomeback to my Artical. 

Yes. Yes, hello there. This is agent Jhazel and you'vereached my YouTube channel. How can I help you today? Look at that. Can it do? Well, yeah. That is just a sample. 

And I know most of you arefamiliar with these lines. So in this video, I will introduce toyou another home-based job that is just right for those whohave call center experience. This is about being a home-basedcall center agent. 

In this video, I will talk about being ahome-based call center agent, qualifications andrequirements of the job, where to apply, the salary range,and the pros and cons of this job. Okay, so I hope you stay tuned untilthe end to not miss any information. I just want to let you knowthat we have giveaways. First commenter on everyvideo, will get ₱50 GCash. 

So make sure your notification bell is onto not miss out on our uploads. And our ₱50 GCash giveaway for themost liked comment on our video. So share this video alreadywith your friends and invite them to likeyour comment to win. You know what? This is one of the surviving, yes,surviving job this pandemic is being a home-based call center agent. 

All right, so what is a call center agent? A call center agent is responsible forproviding technical or service solutions. Making sales profit and assisting incompany processes by another brand or company with regards to itsproduct and service processes. You can either work from theoffice or work from home. Since the pandemic started,many BPO company shifted from office-based to workfrom home setup. 

Did you know that the Philippines isactually one of the top ten countries when it comes to callcenter agent industry? So in order to qualify for the job,what are the requirements and qualifications as a home-basedcall center agent? So let's first talk about the qualifications. Of course, you need to have anexcellent verbal communication skills. 

This is the number one needed asa home-based call center agent. You should be able to communicate andinform your customers or clients properly. Number two, is fluency in speaking English for most international accounts. English is the language most used inthe most companies to communicate so it's better if you have the fluency ofverbal and written skills in English. 

So this is something you can learn. And then number three, you needto have great listening skills. We need to be attentive to customer'sconcerns and not the gossip. Next, number four is,you need phone skills. Some of the companiesare using telephones. So you better have the skills oryou know even if it's basic. Then, number five, you needto know how to multitask. 

You need to take noteswhile you are listening. You're using at the sametime the tools, right? To solve the customer's problems. And then, next, of course, you need professionalism. The industry is all customer-oriented. So you're obligated to beunderstanding, calm, and patient even if thecustomer is high-pitch. For the requirements, we will discuss thetechnical requirements. Okay, some companies, right now, are providing work from home equipment. 

But for some that aren't and thatare in the freelance category, this is what you need. Okay, first, you need tohave a laptop or PC setup. The model specs RAM and storage shouldbe approved by your employer. So usually, 4 GB or 8 GB RAM, is what clients require, okay? And then second, you need anoise-canceling headset. 

A good quality noise-canceling headset will go a long way because it is vital for this job. Third is a wired internet connection. At least 15 mpbs to 25 mpbs for the internetspeed that is required by clients. So you have to check with yourclients what they prefer. And lastly, you need a goodworkspace at home. So you should be far from noisy animals,or our kids that are often noisy, cry. 

It doesn't need to be sound proof. The only important thing is that it's not noisy and a clean workspace tobe able to focus nicely. And of course, it is an advantageif you have these equipment. And if you have thetechnical requirements, and your qualifications are ticked, you can certainly apply anytime and anywhere. So what platforms can you apply to? You can apply as home-based call center agent on these websites on the screen. 

Of course, you need to signup. Upload your resume and stuffthat needs to be uploaded. The information needed,your skills and everything, your cover letter, improve that, okay? Check these websites for more information about their hiring process. This is the moment we've been waiting for. 

How much can a home-basedcall center agent earn? All right, so the usual pay for this jobranges from ₱15,000 to ₱25,000. Some companies provide laptop or PC and sometimes also an internet connection. Like modem and more. They also provide that. So if you're worrying, you don't have the equipment, do not worry, there arecompanies that provide. 

It boils down to the company and management of the salary. They usually pay through bank transfer but if your company is a US-based company, they pay through PayPal or Payoneer, okay? All right, so now, let's talk about thepros and cons of this job. Let's first do the cons. There are tools that need to be learned. But if you have experience, it is to your advantage. 

But if you're a beginner,you'll need to study and research. Okay? So second cons, is you can't focus because you're at home. There are many distractions. Actually, if you think that it's easy to work from home, you just don't know. So that is one of the common probelm. But if you have a setup working space since you need a not noisy room, even if it's a small room, where there is a minimal distraction, that is okay. So third cons, typical Philippines. 

Slow internet connection and brownout. It's better to have a laptop, so that even if there is a brownout, you won't have a hard time. Or you should also have a backup wifi or pocket wifi so that in case there aweak wired connection, you can place your wifi in placeswhere the signal is strong. But there are also available generatorsthat can provide power on your PC setup and includingyour modem, okay? So you can search online. So of course, for the pros. For encouragement. 

Here in this job, you can work in the comfort of your home. So you don't need to go out and get exposed by many people, by commuting and sufferfrom the traffic stress. In this way, you can save fromthe usual daily expenses like if you're at the office with your-- You know, food and transportation. You can also get to spend time-- More time with your family. 

And if you have the experience and qualification, and also the requirements for this online job, well you can certainly apply for this job. And also, if you're a beginner and youenter the mentioned qualifications, you should also do yourresearch before you apply. So that's it, guys, for the home-basedcall center agent. I hope this will be one of your optionsor finding your online career.  do not forget to check out myvideo on the description box. 

Those are the jobs thatare available this 2021. Or you might just wannacheck out my playlist on different online jobs thatprovide stable income online. Everything is already segregated. So you won't have a hard time browsing. So that was all, guys. And thank you so muchfor watching this Artical.