How To Earn Money $10-$15/hr Non-Voice Online Job For Facebook Media Buying

hello guys. I'm Jhazel de Vera and welcomeback to my Website. you can earn online. In one day, how many hoursdo you spend on Facebook? 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, hopefully, not the whole day. Checking Facebook is partof every Filipino's life. 

We are everyone in front ourour phone's screen, tablet, laptop. That is why this is my good news to you. You can earn from usingFacebook all these hours. Well, in this video, I will talkabout digital marketing through Facebook media buying. I'll discuss digital marketing.

Why Facebook media buying? Responsibilities ofa Facebook media buyer, qualifications, how to get your first jobin Facebook media buying, where you can get clients, salary rate,and also my honest review. So I hope you stay tuned until theend to not miss any information. I just want to let you knowthat we have giveaways. First commenter on everyvideo, will get ₱50 GCash. So make sure your notification bell is onto not miss out on our uploads. 

And our ₱50 GCash giveaway for themost liked comment on our video. So share this video alreadywith your friends and invite them to likeyour comment to win. So let's start. What is digital merketing? Digital marketing also called onlinemarketing is the promotion of brands to connect with potentialcustomers using the internet or other forms of digital communication. 

This includes, not only email, socialmedia, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimediamessages as a marketing channel. Guys, Facebook advertising isa form of digital marketing. Digital marketing follows a well-plannedand clear strategy in marketing. Facebook ads is one formof digital marketing. All right, so why Facebook? Not Instagram, Snapchat orother social media platforms? First, most people use Facebook every day. 

Almost every Filipino has Facebook. Even dogs have Facebook, right? And we use Facebook quite often comparedto other nationalities in the world. The average suing time of Filipinosin Facebook is 4-6 hours a day. Second, Facebook is the mosttargeted advertising platform. You can show the adsby location, gender, interest, marital status, or educational backgroundof the targeted audience. You can where, who, and whenyou want to show the ads. 

If you only want theLuzon area, you totally can. If you want only womento see the ads, you can also do it. Third, Facebook advertising is thecheapest platform digital marketing. Imagine, with ₱200-400 you canalready have your advertisement. If the ads go viral, plus salesfor you and your clients. Fourth, Facebook ads is very fast. Wherever you are in the Philippines, as long as you have internet and Facebook, Facebook ads will reach you. 

And lastly, Facebook advertising can increase the brand advertising. If your client has a brandthat want to market, Facebook ads can really do the magic in increasing the brands' visibility. What are the responsibilitiesof a Facebook media buyer? It helps identify target audiences and plan media campaigns. They also compare and negotiate rates, ads space, and airtime. They also optimize plans, and budgetsaccording to the best media mix, prepares schedules and adjust when needed, they ensure ads are creativeand displayed appropriately. 

They also monitor cost and return of investment. Of course, to report to clients andbuild long-term relationships, and experiment with thenew platform and channels. And right now, what are the qualificationsof a Facebook media buyer? With experience as media buyer,in digital media is preferred. And preferably, has backgroundin advertising and marketing. But if there isn't, you can researchor enroll in crash courses. You need to have familiarity withmedia buying, planning, and research. They also need to have an interest infollowing advertising and media trends. 

Working knowledge ofmedia analytics, software, especially Facebook business manager. They also need to have an excellentcommunication and negotiation skills, organizational and mutitasking abilities. You need to have attention to detail. They also need to havecritical thinking skills. The skills for a Facebook mediabuyer can be learned through crash coursesor YouTube tutorials. All you need to do is researchand study the steps. Patience and hard work. 

It may cost you sleepless nights. But there are no shortcuts in life, right? You have to allot time,effort and hard work if you have skills thatyou want to achieve. So how to get your firstjob in media buying? So first, try do a littlefreelancing or internship. This is how you build your portfolio. Look for a client that you want to bean intern for Facebook advertising. You offer your service for freeand if the client likes you, he can pay you and youcan use that portoflio as reference for your next client. 

Second is to educate yourself, it is bestto get a Facebook blueprint certified. You can find this certification in Google. This will help to get more clients. Your best investment in life is education. So the more you'll get to learn aboutthis Facebook media buyer, the more clients you will get. Third, fix your resume and cover letter. In this line of business,you have to show and tell. Okay? The best you can do is to attachyour portfolio in your resume.

 The numbers you create for freelanceor intership, work on it, okay? Because your outputs from your clients areyour best assets in Facebook media buying, And also, you can create your own website. Thisis optional but it's a pluspoint if you have a website, because in this way, you'll be moreknown among clients. They can see potential in your writtenskills and critical thinking skills. Another thing, is join forums andcommunities on Facebook groups, where you can find potential people whowants to hire Facebook media buyer. 

So now, where can you get clients? As a Facebook media buyer. You can get clients inthe following websites that you'll see in the screen. There. So here you can create, sign up foran account, you can add this job or gig, once you've learned it and gotfamiliarized with this online job. So here it is, guys. How much can you earn asa Facebook media buyer? As per, the averagesalary of a media buyer in the Philippines is ₱44,360 in a month. 

It pays off the internship or freelancingthat you will do at the beginning. The salary may vary per client, of course. If we'll base on the per hour, the salaryranges from $10-15 for newbies. The better is your portfolio, themore clients you can get and pay gets higher. So the best investment in this job iseducating yourself of the tools used so that your work will be impressive. Well, it is a rough road at the beginning. You have to manage yourtime and your effort. 

You have to allot time for learning thetools of Facebook media manager and how to get certified. The hard work pays off when youcan earn from your first client because the pay is competitive. You can also work anytime,and anywhere you can. Negotiate your client for the numberof hours you need to do the job. Moreover, there is also job securitybecause most of the advertising in this era is done through Facebook. There are a lot of sites who arelooking for Facebook media buyer. 

All you need to do is study anddo your own research. If you think this online job is for you,start doing your research. Try to explore some YouTubetutorials out there. And who knows, this mightthe one waiting for you. So that our time spendingon Facebook is worth it. But if you're still searching fora stable income online, do not forget to check out myvideo on the description box. 

Those are the jobs thatare available this 2021. Or you might just wannacheck out my playlist on different online jobs thatprovide stable income. You'll find the categoriesalready segregated. So you won't have a hard time browsing. So that was all, guys. And thank you so muchfor Read this Artical.