Hyundai Ioniq 5 First Look Hyundai's Brand New All Electric SUV 2021

It's like a freeride when you're already there. Isn't it IONIQ, don't you think. Well, not quite a free ride,but with 300 miles of range and an accessibleprice, it definitely gets you a lot ofbang for your buck. 

It has the power,smarts, and capabilities that should make ita strong contender among other electric SUVs. So what is the Hyundai IONIQ 5? Well, it's not an ancientGreek heist movie. The IONIQ name has beenkicking around for a while, much like how Genesis usedto be in the Hyundai lineup. We'll be seeing the IONIQname more in the coming years, with theIONIQ 6, a Sonata sized sedan coming in 2022. 

And the largerIONIQ 7 SUV in 2024, which will be athree-row, midsize SUV. No, they did not call themthe Doric or Corinthian. Boom! Column humor. They said it couldn't be done. SPEAKER 2: Stop it. SPEAKER 1: You stop it. As always, hit the likeand subscribe button below to get all of thelatest Edmunds videos. And head ovet to get a cash offer on your vehicle. 

The IONIQ 5 is about the sizeof the Hyundai Tucson or Honda CRV. But the wheels have been pushedmuch further apart, giving it a very long 118-inch wheelbase. That's longer thanthe Hyundai Palisade and should give us a lotof space on the inside. 

But we'll get to that in a bit. As for the competition,the IONIQ 5 will go up against the likes ofthe Mustang Mach-E, the new VW ID.4, and Nissan Ariya. When the IONIQ 5 goeson sale in the fall, it will initiallyonly go on sale in 19 states, listedhere, or here. The rest of thecountry should see them in dealerships sometime in 2022. 

Built into the floor of theIONIQ 5 is a 77.4-kilowatt-hour battery pack that is paired witha single motor for rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drivewith a second motor. With that single motor, poweris rated at 225 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. 

All-wheel drive increasesoutput to 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feetof torque, which should get to 60 miles anhour in around five seconds. The rear-wheel drive model isthe range leader in the lineup, with Hyundai estimating 300miles on a single charge. 

All-wheel drive should stillreturn between 269 miles, depending on which trim you get. Those figures are marginallybetter than the ID.4, and comparable to some of theentry-level Mustang Mach-E models, both in terms ofpower output and range. 

All IONIQ 5 modelswill come standard with DC fast-chargecapabilities. Hyundai estimates,at its peak, you can get from 10% to 80%capacity in only 18 minutes. Now, if you'repressed for time, you can replenish about 68miles in only five minutes. With the more commonLevel 2 chargers, it should take under sevenhours to get a full charge from empty.  

In person, theIONIQ 5 is striking. This rounded, clamshellhood is distinctive as it stops abruptlyright at this grille. The overhanging brow gives, atthe front, that aggressive kind of look that Ifind so attractive in the Dodge Challenger. And these squared-offaccent lights lend it even more personality. 

I'm not such a fan of thistriangular design underneath, but perhaps I'll likeit in a different color. On the side, this sharp,creased character line really lets the IONIQ 5 stand out. I think it's a neat way todivide the front sections and rear sections. And these flush-mounteddoor handles, they also maintain the clean lines whilealso improving aerodynamics. 

And these 20-inchwheels are also designed to cutdown on turbulence. Overall, it's a reallyevocative execution, but as is common withmany Hyundai vehicles, I feel like the designerswent just a half step too far. These horizontal strakes, hereon the bottom of the door, seem out of place to me. I think it would look a littlebit cleaner without them. 

Those strakes also show upin the back bumper, here. And I think they'rejust as awkward. That's too bad, because I reallylike the rest of the design back here. These pixelated LED lightsand the sharp creases all come together to forma fundamentally attractive appearance. While we're back herelet's talk about cargo. Behind the rear seatsyou have 27.2 cubic feet. 

Fold them flat and youget 59.3 cubic feet. That's pretty good, buta lot of the other SUVs this size have significantlymore cargo capacity. There's also a tiny frunk, whichmay be suitable for something like a charge cable. As far as towing capacity goes,it maxes out at 1,500 pounds. That's pretty lightand limits you to the smallesttrailers from U-Haul. 

And you'll still have to payattention to how much weight you add to them. But enough of the outside. Let's get inside. The clean styling carriesover to the interior with an open, airy,and simple approach. The dash seems to have beeninspired by Mercedes-Benz, and that's a compliment. These twin displays look great. 

Many of thematerials used inside are also eco-friendly, too,with recycled and sustainable materials. A head-up displayis also available, and includes someaugmented reality overlays for turn-by-turn navigation. To the left of theinstrument panel is this board that youcan stick stuff to, like messages with a magnet. 

Is that useful? Maybe, but somethingthat is really useful is the inclusion ofin-car payments via Xevo. That means you can payfor a charge, tolls, take out, and parking withouthaving to pull out your wallet or dig through your purse. 

The IONIQ 5 takes amore realistic approach to driving aids too. The Highway DrivingAssist II system combines adaptivecruise control and lane centering to reduce theburden on the driver on specific roads. It's not a self-drivingsystem though, because it stillrequires your hands on the wheel and youreyes on the road. Other advanced safetyfeatures are all standard. 

And items like a blind-spotcamera, Surround View Monitor, and remote parkingassist are included with the top limited trim. I find that blind-spotcamera a little more distracting thanhelpful, though. I prefer just the conventionalblind-spot monitor with lights and beeps. 

And one thing Inotice, while I'm sitting in the driver's seat,is the floor is perfectly flat. And that's actuallyreally helpful if sometimes you need to getout on the passenger side. But I see a potentialproblem there with stuff rolling aroundand possibly getting lodged underneath the pedal. So might want tokeep an eye on that. 

It's somethingthat you don't have to deal with with regularcars that kind of have that big tunnel goingfrom front to back. Now you also notice that thereare some paddle shifters here, even though this is an EV. Those adjust thebrake regeneration, and you can also use thisas a one pedal drive mode. So that means, like any EV,you have that wonderful feeling of just kind of easingoff the throttle and coming to a complete stop. 

And we also have thissliding center console here with a huge bin forhandbags or shopping bags. Your usual, kindof, under bin here, a wireless phone charger ,and it slides back and forth 5 and 1/2 inches so that yourrear passengers can use that storage. But let's find out for ourself. When I was sittingin her driver's seat, it was set for someone muchtaller than I. I'm 5 foot 10", and I fit fine back here. 

Plenty of headroom, and I geta decent amount of support under the seat cushions here. They coved outthose front seats, so I have tons of kneeroom, and a lot of space underneath the seat,as well, for my feet. But what's this? A power outlet? The IONIQ 5 hasvehicle-to-load capabilities, which means youcan provide power while you're out and about. 

OK, that's not all that new, butthe charge port on the outside is way more interesting. With the adapteryou can supply power to larger items likeelectric scooters, bikes, and camping equipment. The kicker is you can alsocome to the rescue of other EV drivers, and give them acharge if they're stranded. So what do you think? Things are certainlylooking up for this IONIQ 5. 

It has the power,smarts, and capabilities that should make ita strong contender among other electric SUVs. Of course, wewon't know for sure until we get to driveit for ourselves. So keep checking back herefor all the latest reviews.